Our Mission

Mox was founded in 2016 with the goal of being the last mile logistics provider with the greatest reach in Spain,offering an ethical, sustainable, and efficient business model to companies that need to deliver the most complete service on the market.con un modelo de negocio ético, sostenible y eficaz.

Our values

  • Efficiency

  • Flexibility

  • Feedback

  • Innovation

  • Empathy

  • Speed

We work in 2 countries and over 50 cities


Mox offers last-mile solutions, both technological and for delivery, marketplaces,,e-commerce, restaurants, and retail companies thanks to its delivery staff of over 1,000 strong and its vast fleet of specialized vehicles.

  • Delivery for marketplaces, restaurants, e-commerce, retail, and grocery
  • Technological solutions for the last mile

  • Specialized vehicles

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Drivers Jobs!

We’re the top recruitment company for qualified last-mile staff. Thanks to the creation and consolidation of the delivery staff on payroll model, workers start out as part of a business ecosystem that allows them to grow and collaborate.

  • Searching, training, and hiring of last-mile delivery staff

  • Payroll, new hire, and departure management

  • Specialized fleet administration

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The Premium Service

Grupo Mox has developed a business unit focused on creating cloud kitchens or dark kitchens, this being a connected and complementary market that’s growing in parallel to food delivery.
  • Outsourcing of kitchen services for tourist accommodations and hotels
  • Dark kitchens or kitchen rentals
  • Food delivery service with virtual brands
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Cubikate is the new coworking space in Granada. Its fantastic location in the heart of the city will enable you to advance your company’s growth in an entrepreneurial environment.

  • Fixed schedule or hourly coworking space
  • Consulting for startups
  • Hourly meeting and events room
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