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The most efficient way to connect merchants with local customers

Context of the market

On-demand delivery is booming: the industry has experienced a 25% CAGR from  2015 to 2018

UBS estimates that the market for food delivery will grow from $35bn in 2018 to $365B by 2030

Source: Is the Kitchen dead? UBS

Source: The changing market for food delivery. McKinsey&Company,

Source: The Pizza Paradigm for Online Food Delivery. Alphawise / Morgan Stanley

Growing market

The main triggers for food delivery growth are price, availability and delivery time

Better technology and scale are a must, to minimize cost, increase reach and reduce waiting times


Companies are struggling to offer on-demand delivery able to cope with high volumes of demand

Technology to optimize deliveries

Sound & robust process automatization and continuous optimization.

Economies of scale and demand aggregation

To reduce costs and provide a quality service, it is necessary to have high occupancy rates and courier availability, this requires scale.

Strong legal support is required

The self-employed contractors model comes with serious risks. Alternative structures are possible without sacrificing profitability.

Mox’s value proposition

Mox offers technology, a certain level of economies of scale and robust recruitment & retention policies

Product & Service

Product suite adapted to business need

Independent’s Customers

1-10 deliveries/day

E-Commerce & Enterprise

>50 deliveries/day

Small & Medium Business

10-50 deliveries/day

Economy of scale

Running operations in this market requires demand aggregation

High volumes with optimal fleets

Food delivery is a volume-based market and contribution margin is key.

We can launch a city with a minimum of 500 weekly orders and/or 220 rider hours contracted.

Operational Speed

We take 7 days to launch a new city and make it fully operational (including negotiations with vehicle suppliers and recruiting the team of couriers).

Cities where we operate per population

More than 500k: 8 cities (including Barcelona, Madrid and Milan)

More than 100k: 40 cities

Less than 100k: 4 cities

Mox’s customers

Food Marketplaces –  Food restaurants/Kitchen labs – Grocery chains – Traditional Delivery  – Ecommerces


Our hihlights from 2019 (so far!)

  • 40 cities open in Spain
  • 1 city open in Italy
  • 1 city opening soon in Portugal
  • Office opened in Barcelona to be closer to talents
  • We have doubled our number of individual customers
  • 4x growth in predicted invoicing (from 2.5M€ to 8.8M€)
  • Launch of a data analytics team

Revenue evolution (€m)

Our team

We manage a team of 78 people coming from the best companies

Gregorio López Martos
CEO & Co-Founder
VIPS Group

Tom Horsey
CMO & Co-Founder
Connected Mobility Hub

Jaume Boada
Country Manager
Philip Morris & Just Eat

Sara Aazam

Patrick Synge
Chief Commercial Officer
Degustabox & Eliport Robotics

Enric Ochoa-Prieto
Corporate Strategy Manager

Álvaro Marcos
Fibonad & Teknoland

Antonio Valenzuela
Global New Business & Co-Founder
La Nevera Roja

David Camacho
Director de Operaciones
Grupo Pantoja

Grupo Mox

Team Organization


  • Mobile / Front

  • Backend

  • Data

  • DevOps

Develop scalable / easy to integrate platform


  • BI

  • Expansion

  • Customer Service

  • Traffic

Launch and empower local operations


Business Support
  • Finance

  • Talent

  • Legal

  • HR

Support business growth


Training and Supervision
  • Team Leader

  • Area Managers

  • Training

  • Fleet Managers

Continuous training and cities’ well functioning


6,5M€ Funding to date
15M€ Current financing round
100M€ Premoney Valuation

1. Reinforce our position in Spain, Portugal & Italy through the acquisition of smaller competitors
2. Launch point to multi-point courier services for e-commerce customers in Spain, Portugal and Italy
3. Strengthen the tech department through both acquisition and recruitment
4. Continue to invest in the human capital required to respond to take us to the next level

The most efficient way to connect merchants with local customers