The Premium Service

This startup, founded in 2019, works in the delivery sector , offering an integrated solution spread across 3 main services.

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Food delivery service with virtual brands

We have several kitchens integrated in the same operations centre, where only delivery and takeaway are handled.. This new concept is called “virtual” because our presence as a brand is aligned with the digital environment and our dining facilities are located wherever our customers are.

Poké, sushi, wok, Mediterranean, Iberian, or healthy are just some of the cuisines we offer, although our way of working and technological tools will permit us to test different brands and implement them according to the styles, tastes, or demand peaks in each city.

Dark Kitchens or kitchen rentals

Meals are crafted at our dark kitchens for home delivery or takeaway. We offer entrepreneurs and restaurants the possibility of renting out our kitchens and we provide them with the necessary infrastructure and delivery staff so the restaurant can start operating, allowing it to reach new audiences and reduce wait times.

We help boost your business without the need for large investments, leading to vast initial savings. For restaurants that are already operating, we offer the possibility of improving efficiency and growing in various not-yet-accessible areas, reducing saturation in your kitchen due to online orders.

Outsourcing of kitchen services for tourist accommodations and hotels

The latest service offered by The Premium Service is outsourcing room service for hotels and tourist accommodations. This leads to an easing of the workload, personnel, and investment required to offer rooms service in tourist accommodations. Lodging establishments can improve their offer, obtain greater sales volume, and increase profitability.

Antonio J. Valenzuela


Javier Lorite